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    sealong.cnXue lang cultural concept   
    Corporate mission:Create value, contribute to society, care for employees, and protect shareholders
    Corporate philosophy:Green development, vitality first, talent thriving, happy work
    Corporate vision:Create a green and healthy living environment for mankind
    Business objectives:To become a leading enterprise in the green health industry
    Enterprise spirit:Take diligence and thrift as the first, take creation as music, take honesty as the foundation, and take dedication as honor
    Marketing guide:Discover demand, satisfy demand, guide demand, brand communication
    Enterprise management principles:Strict fairness, honesty and trust, institution-based, respect for differences
    Enterprise management methods:Leadership demonstration, model guidance, education and training, system guarantee
    Code of conduct:Abide by the law, love his job, integrity, modesty, pragmatic and innovative
    Core competitiveness:Green development, innovation capacity, resource integration and talent gathering

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